Ayutthaya The Ancient Capital

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    Ayutthaya Thailand's ancient capital

Ayutthaya The Ancient Capital

A visit to Thailand is not complete without seeing some of its ancient history. Much of the history within Thailand has been amazingly well preserved, perhaps the best known of these ancient places is Ayutthaya the ancient capital, dating back to 1350.

Ayutthaya the ancient capital was founded on the banks of the Chao Phraya River By king U Thong, who originally went there to avoid a smallpox outbreak, he loved it so much that he announced it to be his new capital.

It is often referred to as the kingdom of Siam and is the second ancient capital after Sukothai. The ancient area of Ayutthaya is mainly featured by huge monasteries that give an amazing idea of its past glory.

It is thought that this ancient capital once had a population of 300,000 and at its peak, reaching a population of 100,000, making Ayutthaya one of the most active and largest cities of its time.

It is recognised as a UNESCO world Heritage site and is sometimes called the Venice of the east.

Some of the things worth seeing in Ayutthaya the ancient capital include:

The main temple of Wat Mahathat , which is said to be awesome, and one of the best attractions here

Visitors will also see the temple of the talking Buddha and several Buddhas measuring over 30 feet tall

This is a must visit for people who are interested in Thai history . There are several places where you can get refreshments. As well as buy local gifts

Review taken from trip advisor

“Almost Surreal”

5 of 5 stars

Reviewed March 2, 2014


I travelled to Ayutthaya the ancient capital with my Sister in Law who is Thai which made such a difference for me as language became much less of a problem than previous trips.


I love street food so that was also great to be with someone who knew what and where to eat for pennies.


Ayutthaya was one of many historical sites we visited, but unique, acres of ruined Temple buildings left as they were after the sacking of the City when it had been the Capital.


Rows of seated Buddha line the open Temple Gardens, literally hundreds, many of them with their heads missing yet nearly all dressed with the traditional yellow silk sash.


We made offering to Buddha at all the Temples, I thought the rubbing of Gold Leaf onto the Buddha was interesting and the larger Buddha in some of the recovered buildings were amazing.


At one “Toon” wanted to have a huge (20 ft) Golden Sash placed overt eh large Gold Buddha as an offering as she rarely got to visit the Temples.


Amazed as the bare footed monk climbed the Buddha and with a flick the gold sash furled over which was obviously a very moving event as tears flowed.


I love Thailand and most of the historical Temples are fantastic.

*Access for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility is fairly good

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