Chiang Mai Zoo

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Chiang Mai Zoo

Was first opened by the zoological Parks organisation of Thailand in 1974; it is located on 531 Rai (1 acre = 2.471 Rai) of forested land at the foothills of Doi Suthep Mountain.

The Chiang Mai zoo is surrounded by beautiful lush, terrain which provides perfect conditions for many thousands of species of wild plants and flowers, showcasing the natural landscape of valleys streams and waterfalls. The zoo is the only zoo, in north Thailand, where visitors can experience the joy, wonder and intimacy of many species of animals in their natural habitat.

There are over 400 species of wildlife, represented here, including koalas, Humboldt penguins, Cape fur seals, hippos, flamingos, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, camels, Lions, Tigers, Barbary sheep, barking deer, a Malayan tapir, lots of reptiles as well as the only Indian rhinoceros in Thailand and two elephants.

But the most famous star attraction has to be the giant pandas. People flock from far and wide to see these graceful animals, and some say that this is the best reason to visit the zoo.

The zoo also boasts an aquarium with a large 133 m aquatic tunnel, which is the largest in Asia, where one can be immersed into another world, and see a vast array of colourful marine wildlife. For those with nerves of steel, you can swim with a shark or for those who appreciate calmer waters. You can view a mermaid show; all these things combined make a visit to Chiang Mai zoo well worth a visit.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there!!

Visitors can enjoy wandering through the Nakornping Avery, where over 800 species of birds can be viewed in a space of 2.5 acres. Or go to Gibbon Island where you can see these cheeky monkeys living a free and happy life on the island without any nets, cages or enclosure.

There is also a sky walkway where you can get close to, and view more than 200 animals, including many species of deer, alpacas and peacocks living in harmony with each other.

Patrons of the zoo can also visit at twilight, where they can view and study wild animals in their natural habitats at night. The Twilight zoo has over 30 kinds of nocturnal animals and visitors can also enjoy a special night tour on a safe and comfortable tram where they will be fully immersed, by the jungle coming to life after dark. They will hear the sounds and see the sights of nocturnal animals.

Other attractions at Chiang Mai zoo include

A gift shop where people can buy postcards, T-shirts, memorabilia, film and more

A wide variety of restaurants and snack shops

A monorail, where visitors can enjoy viewing the zoo in the comfort of an air-conditioned carriage

*Facilities for elderly and disabled include wheelchairs, special walkways and accessible toilets

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