The Golden Triangle

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The Golden Triangle

Has long been known for growing opium with strong ties between Victorian London and the Californian gold rush in the 1850s, although these days, the former opium plantations have been mainly transformed into tea plantations, so that they can still provide a cash crop for the local people, the area also relies very heavily on tourism.

The landscape of the Golden Triangle is very hilly and mountainous, separated by the Ruack river that gushes into the Mekong River (pronounced Mae Khong) . These two rivers provide a boundary between three countries, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. These countries can be viewed from some high points within Thailand.

To enter Laos or Myanmar would require a visa, money and unsupported transportation. Therefore, it is best to visit this area as part of an organised tour.

What to see 

There are many highlights when you visit the Golden Triangle. There is an opium museum, which documents the history and uses of opium throughout the ages, and has some very interesting exhibits. You will see many shrines and buddha images, many photo opportunities and souvenir shops.

The area is very rural and peaceful with wide open spaces. If your idea of travel is ticking off as many countries as possible, then this tour is not to be missed.

*Easy to find refreshments

*Easy to find toilets

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