What Does The Coup In Thailand Mean For Tourists

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Update – 16/06/14

The curfew has now been lifted in almost all areas.


The coup in Thailand  is featuring very heavily in world’s media at the moment and many countries embassies have advised not travelling to Thailand as the country is seen as being unstable.thailand coup1

But what’s the real situation for tourists and tourism in Thailand?

The issues of Thailand seem to have been localised to certain areas in Bangkok. This has not affected the rest of Thailand, and life seems to go on as normal. In the tourist island areas such as Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui there appears to have been no change, as you would not notice that the country is under military rule. Although there are some restrictions.

Curfew Hours

All businesses in Thailand must abide by the curfew and operate between the hours of 5:00 AM- 10:00 PM.

This means that all businesses must close by 10:00PM

Flash update, as of the 27/05/2014 the new curfew hours are between 12:00AM – 04:00AM

So now all businesses must close by 12:00AM (midnight) , but can otherwise operate as normal

The curfew mainly affects the entertainment industry, such as bars, clubs, restaurants and venues such as cabaret shows. limiting the time that people can party.

It has also affected convenience stores such as  7-Eleven and Family Mart which normally stay open for 24-hours.

Air travel

All airports remain open and people are still able to freely travel by air, between the hours of the curfew. so if you have already booked a flight to Thailand. Don’t worry, everything is operating as normal.

So what has the curfew affected?

The curfew has mainly affected transport services such as buses and , taxis, and national services such as the Postal Service that would normally work 24-hours.

There is no doubt that the problems over the past few months has affected people’s daily lives in Thailand and the resulting curfew has had a massive impact on the tourist industry in Thailand.

Only time will tell just how much of an impact this has had on the country as a whole. Nobody knows how long the curfew will last and will remain in place until further notice.

Thailand is still one of the safest countries in the world and still remains the land of smiles. As a tourist, it is still very safe to holiday in Thailand with only a slightly limit on the hours you can party, although there have been some reports that entertainment venues on some of the islands remain open until the early hours.

For people seeking travel assistance, here are some helpful numbers.

TAT Call Centre: 1672

Tourist Police Call Centre: 1155

BTS Hotline: +66 (0) 2617 6000

MRT Customer Relations Center: +66 (0) 2624 5200

SRT (train service) Call Center: 1690

Transport Co., Ltd., (inter-provincial bus service) Call Center: 1490

AOT (Suvarnabhumi Airport) Call Centre: 1722

Suvarnabhumi Airport Operation Center: +66 (0) 2132 9950 or 2

Don Mueang Airport Call Center: +66 (0) 2535 3861, (0) 2535 3863

Thai Airways International Call Center: +66 (0) 2356 1111

Bangkok Airways Call Center: 1771

Nok Air Call Center: 1318

Thai AirAsia Call Center: +66 (0) 2515 9999

See Here For More Information About Thailand’s Main Airports

For Updates On The Tourist Situation In Thailand Go Here







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