What is accessible Thailand?

Accessible Thailand is an information-based website designed to connect disabled travellers to services within Thailand grouped by geographical location, and to help to address the many accessibility issues within Thailand. It is also designed to connect business owners to a worldwide community that are looking for their services.

How to use accessible Thailand?

We have tried to make navigating the website as simple as possible by selecting one of the main categories accommodation out and about medical will open a subcategory where you can select the service you require.

Home button

On the top left side of the website you will see a house icon clicking this will bring you back to the homepage from any section of the website.

Navigation box

The navigation box is located in the top right hand side of the website. This is where you can select popular tourist destinations within Thailand.

Once you have selected the destination, you can view the services of accommodation, hotels and resorts, guest houses, villas and condos, bars and clubs, restaurants, shopping, tours and activities airport information transport services hospitals and clinics, nurses and carers and medical equipment within the selected area.

How to find out more about a place or service

Clicking on a place or service will bring up the details page about the selected place or service.

On the right hand side of the service provider’s webpage you will see listings, such as address add to favourites send enquiry send to a friend and star rating as well as a map showing the geographical location of the place or service, as well as recent reviews.

On the left-hand side next to the map you will also see related listings and a box where you can add your review and put a star rating of the place or service.

Other main menu tabs

The other main menu tabs, Thailand info and news are there as a helpful reference and designed to give you answers to some of the questions that you may have in connection with holidaying in Thailand.

The share your story tab is meant for users of this website to share their experience of travel in Thailand.

You can also add a listing, about a place or service by going to the add a listing tab at the top of the webpage, this will also give you an option to share your story and tell people about your Thailand experience.

Top menu search box

You can search a service or place by typing into the search for box what you are looking for and then typing into the near search box the town in which you wish to find the service or place and then click search this should display all the places and services in your search criteria within that town

Account FAQs

It is free to register with accessible Thailand all users must be registered before posting a listing

All business owners wishing to post a listing must be registered and must accept accessible Thailand’s terms and conditions

Business listing FAQs

We offer 3 types of business listing for you to feature your business.


This is the most basic listing and only enables you to put a description of your business listing

List opening times

Put the latitude and longitude of your business on your page in accessible Thailand

The free option also entitles you to upload only 1 image

The listing will expire after the time period.

Standard business listing

This is priced at 1800.00 Bart and enables you to

Put a description of your business

List latest special offers and promotions

List opening times

Add video

Add the latitude and longitude of your business on the map

Allows you to add up to 10 images

Place your business in up to 2 categories

Gives you access to Google analytics from within your web page on accessible Thailand so you can see how well you’re listing is performing.

Listing will downgrade to a free listing after the time period of 180 days

Full of business listing

This gives you access to all of the features within accessible Thailand and is priced at 7500.00 Bart

List a description of your business

List special offers and promotions

List opening times

List your telephone number

Show your email address on the listing page

Show your website on the listing page

Show Twitter button

Show Facebook button

Tag keywords

HTML editor

Upload video

Position your business on the map with the latitude and longitude

Upload up to 10 images

Put your business in up to 4 categories

Link your business and have full access to analytics from within your accessible Thailand webpage so that you can see how your listing is performing

Listing will downgrade to a free listing after the time period of 365 days

Reviews are closed.

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The Accessible Thailand Team

We are a group of well-traveled individuals, both disabled and able-bodied . We have all worked in the disabled travel industry and we understand the accessibility issues that disabled people can face when coming to Thailand. We are interested in actively promoting disabled access with local businesses particularly, and with raising public awareness of disabled issues generally throughout Thailand.

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