Go Anywhere Action Track Wheelchair

go anywhere action track wheelchair

The go anywhere action track wheelchair

There is no need to sit on the sidelines any more. With the go anywhere action track wheelchair, users of wheelchairs can participate in any outdoor activity with friends and family.

An American company have made what can only be described as the ultimate off-road mobility machine. Go anywhere action track wheelchair is built like a tank, and will as the name suggests go anywhere.

The company have two models called the action track chair and the action track stander, meaning users can remain in an upright position.

They are both serious off-road mobility chairs. These wonderful innovative chairs have been designed for people with limited mobility and those who are not able to walk.

This means that for people with mobility issues enjoying the outdoors is no longer a concern.It can pretty much go over anything, meaning it replaces the wheelchair and is a tough capable off-road machine.

With this go anywhere action track wheelchair users are fully involved in any outdoor activity enabling users to roam free and access places unaided that most other chairs simply can’t reach.

Imagine having no restrictions and being able to enjoy activities such hiking, being able to enjoy the beach, go on camping trips, and explore national parks in fact anywhere and everywhere.

With go anywhere action track wheelchair it is a reality.

This fantastic go anywhere action track wheelchair makes all the difference between simply living life and enjoying life.

It gives people the confidence to live without fear, go to places and do things that they wouldn’t have thought possible, the action track chair and action track stander has the power to get you there and get you out again.

These mobility devices redefine what being in a wheelchair means, they are the ultimate off-road wheelchairs and makes a life changing difference for wheelchair users.

They come with caterpillar tracks that are 6.5 inches x 90, and the seat has a tilt angle of 20° both forward and back. The machines weigh approximately 350lbs and come with joystick controls, a 24 V high thrust motor and has a maximum speed of 3 to 4 mph, it also comes as standard with 212 V wheelchair batteries which are good for up to about 6 miles on a single charge. There are also two accessory holders and a seatbelt that comes as standard.

Both chairs come in and interesting range of colours including camouflage, hot lime, pink, super blue, orange, black, white, red, yellow, digital camo and desert tan.

There is also a whole host of accessories you can select.

action track chair accessories

action track chair accessories

You can choose if you want the joystick mounted on the left or the right, choose your seat colour, choose between standard and flip up foot rests.
As well as make the action track chairs fully customisable by adding on an LED headlight, front wheel kit, GEN 2 Track, attendant control, armrests with pockets, goalpost joystick, a head rest, you can get a track chair carrier, a gun scabbard, a gun rack, an umbrella holder, a fishing rod holder, a utility tray, a utility box with brackets, a three-point seatbelt, a tilt switch and a 20 amp battery charger.

You can be sure that the action track chair and action track stander aren’t the cheapest wheelchair transport available, but for the freedom and access that this can provide it may be a small price to pay.

The company ship worldwide. For more information, to get a quote and arrange payment go to www.actiontrackchair.com

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