We have selected hotels and resorts throughout Thailand based on service, location and disabled facilities. Prices range from budget guesthouses to five star resorts. All the accommodation listed is advertised as having at least one disabled friendly room and have been asked to complete an accessibility assessment questionnaire in order to provide detailed information such as doorway widths, ramps, counter heights etc.

We also award star ratings based on the level of accessibility to give an at-a-glance idea of the suitability of an accommodation for disabled visitors. You can find out more about our star rating system here.

We have partnered with because they offer massive discounts and the best deals on hotel rooms.

Once you have booked your accommodation, communicate with them to make sure they understand your needs. Send them a photo and email them to make them aware that you’re in a wheelchair or have limited mobility.

Our accommodation is divided into the following categories:

Accessible hotels and resorts in Thailand

Accessible guesthouses in Thailand

Accessible villas and condos in Thailand

Below are our choice of featured resorts with adapted rooms and wheelchair accessible public areas:

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The Accessible Thailand Team

We are a group of well-traveled individuals, both disabled and able-bodied . We have all worked in the disabled travel industry and we understand the accessibility issues that disabled people can face when coming to Thailand. We are interested in actively promoting disabled access with local businesses particularly, and with raising public awareness of disabled issues generally throughout Thailand.

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