Songkran, the Thai water festival

Songkran water festival, Thailand

If you come to Thailand between the periods of the 13-15 April you will witness one of the most spectacular coming together of people anywhere on the planet.

This is the time of the Thai celebration for the New Year (Songkran) this is a period of showing respect to one’s family and respecting elder people. But for most, it’s an excuse to get drunk and party, hit the streets and throw water over anyone and everyone. Songkran is an orgy of water throwing using buckets and water guns.

On the day of April, the 13th you had better get ready for a soaking as the whole of Thailand, people cars and trucks line the streets, loaded with ice-cold water soaking anyone who passes by.

As you would imagine it’s a fairly chaotic affair with people in a good mood for a celebration, with lots of drunken people enjoying the day.

Actually Songkran is a lot of fun and you will make lots of friends that you never knew you had but a word of warning.

If you go out onto the streets during Songkran

Remember to leave your camera in your hotel room or use a waterproof one

Put things like money or cigarettes in a plastic bag

Don’t wear expensive clothes as you will get drenched no exceptions

Avoid driving any vehicle as it’s very dangerous on the road

Wear something to protect your eyes because in recent years, people have started adding talcum powder to the water and this stings the eyes

Songkran is also a national holiday, so don’t book any trips or excursions during this time and be prepared that if you go anywhere during the festival. It will take you twice as long to get there.

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