Thai Useful Words

Useful Thai Phrases

We have compiled a few useful phrases to help you during your stay in Thailand and to get you speaking like a local:

Visitors to Thailand are commonly referred to as “Farang”. This word can have several meanings, but generally it means foreigner and you will hear this word being used a lot; don’t take offence as most of the time it’s not intended to be offensive. You will have to get used to it. That’s just the way it is.

Sawatdee kab: means Hello, use this if you are a man

Sawatdee kaa: means Hello use this if you are a woman

Sabi dee, mai: means How are you, The mai is used as a question word

Sabi dee: means Fine, and is used in reply when asked sabi dee mai?

Khob khun, kup: means Thank you, use this if you are a man

Khob khun, kaa: means Thank you, use this if you’re a woman

Chock dee: means Good luck

Chai: means Yes

Mai chai: means No

Ma: means: Come

Pai: means: Go

Pai nai: means Go where

Mai pen rai: means Never mind

Pood Thai mai dai: means I cannot speak Thai

Kow jai mai: means. Do you understand

Mai kow jai: means I do not understand

Sanuk: means Happy

Hong: means Room

Gin: means Eat

Deun: means Drink

Ahan: means Food

Kin khao: means to Eat

Tow rai: means How much

Peng: means Expensive

Peng mak: means Very expensive

Mai peng: means Not expensive

Took: means Cheap

Hong nam: means Toilet

Nam keng: means Ice

Yai: means Big

Nit noi: means Small or tiny

Rawn: means Hot

Yen: means Cold

Buri: means Smoke

Te kia buri: means Ashtray

Thai Numbers

neung- 1

song- 2

sam- 3

see- 4

haa- 5

hok- 6

jet- 7

paed- 8

gow- 9

sip- 10

sip-et- 11

sip-song- 12

yee sip- 20

saam sip- 30

haa sip 50

roi/loi 100

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