Packing for Thailand

One of the most important steps in planning for your holiday to Thailand will be packing. This should be a carefully thought out process. Keep in mind what you will need day-to-day and what you will need if things don’t go to plan. It’s best to over prepare and to perhaps bring with you more than you need, this will give you a sense of peace of mind knowing that you have all you need.

First pack a small bag with items that are essential to carry with you in transit. Carry one change of clothes, as well as any necessary medical items and supplies so if your luggage gets lost at the airport you will have a backup. Also think about any items you may need related to your disability; consider what you expect to be doing and any possible situations that may arise unexpectedly, bring everything vital.

Some thoughts on things to bring with you when travelling

• Replacement parts for your wheelchair or other adaptive equipment.

• A tool kit for maintaining and repairing your wheelchair or other adaptive equipment.

• Battery’s for hearing aids and other equipment

• A portable commode chair, if you will be staying in place with an inaccessible toilet (in Phuket this can be rented from Phuket Accessible Travel)

• Catheter supplies.

• Paper or fabric masks to filter out dust and germs
• Doctors letter translated into Thai (just in case you’re in an area and can’t find an English speaker and need medical assistance)
• an ample supply of all your normal medications including extras in case you lose some, or in case you need to take higher dosages due to unusual conditions.

• Emergency medications in case you need them.

• Written prescriptions for all your medications.

• A list of generic names of all your medications (medical staff may not always recognise the brand names)

• Voltage adapters for all your electrical equipment such as battery chargers.
• A Thai dictionary

• Extra pants readily available in case of an accident.

By considering your needs and carefully planning ahead, you will increase your chances of having a successful, wonderful, relaxing and satisfying trip to Thailand.

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We are a group of well-traveled individuals, both disabled and able-bodied . We have all worked in the disabled travel industry and we understand the accessibility issues that disabled people can face when coming to Thailand. We are interested in actively promoting disabled access with local businesses particularly, and with raising public awareness of disabled issues generally throughout Thailand.

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