The Beach And Go Anywhere Wheelchair In Phuket

Hippocampe go anywhere wheelchair

Our friends at Phuket Access Travel, have sent us a new video of their hippocamp beach and go anywhere wheelchair. In action around some of the hotspots in Phuket.

This is a personal look at one man’s holiday in Phuket. And how easily and quickly, the beach and go anywhere wheelchair made his life. It even shows him on Phuket’s most infamous Street, Bangla Rd. So he can party with the best of them.

The video shows him easily going up and down curbs, and being able to get to places that most other chairs can’t reach.

This chair really does live up to its name, it truly is a go anywhere wheelchair. And hats off to Phuket Access Travel for giving  freedom to another satisfied visitor to Phuket.


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  1. Terence, July 1, 2014 11:45 am - The Beach And Go Anywhere Wheelchair In Phuket

    I want to buy one of those wheelchairs are they available in Chiangrai? because I’m going there on July 3 2014 and then returning to Bangkok on the 11 July 2014. im a 76 year old male riddled with osteo arthritis. the sooner i get one the better

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      Ted Phillips, July 4, 2014 2:48 am - The Beach And Go Anywhere Wheelchair In Phuket

      Hi Terence, at the moment the hippocamp beach wheelchair is only available in Phuket as the wheelchairs have to be imported to Thailand. If you would like more information about how to get one, send us an email.

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